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REFER project

REFER project. Energy reduction and flexibility in buildings in rehabilitation


The REFER project promotes mechanisms for the reduction and flexibility of energy consumption in housing and refurbishment equipment. The project is part of the RIS3CAT community energy cluster and is coordinated by IREC (Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya). The role of the GIIP in this project lies in the analysis of the use of batteries for energy flexibility. Specifically, we participate in the following tasks:

  •     Study of the impact on the degradation of batteries for different strategies of use in building.
  •     Identification and analysis of the models of battery re-use with a technical and economic analysis of the cases applicable to the project.
  •     Investigation for the characterization and diagnosis of batteries with potential use for a second life in buildings.

The REFER project is a competitive project financed with European FEDER funds for regional development.

For more information about the project you can consult its web page here: