Environment and sustainable design

Project and environmental services offered by GIIP

The working group on projects and the environment has extensive experience in the field of environmental analysis in projects. We know the methodologies and tools necessary to consider, from the design of the project, all the environmental implications derived from an activity.

The transversal application of our methodologies allows us to work in any field of engineering and also outside it. Some of the services we offer from the GIIP in this sense are: 


To industries and other companies:

  •     Carrying out environmental impact studies on the product or service they provide.
  •     Carrying out Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies according to ISO 14040.
  •     Carrying out environmental studies to obtain eco-labels on products.
  •     Elaboration of eco-design and sustainable design proposals for products and/or processes.

To other groups and research centres:

  •     Advice on the environmental part of projects.
  •     Collaborations and synergies in projects for the contribution to a scientific-technical development committed to sustainability.
  •     Application of the LCA tool in R+D+i projects.