Development of personal skills




The business environment in which we are currently living is increasingly demanding. Learning to better defend and reinforce our professional development is a challenge where Personal Competences play a key role.

Interpersonal and public communication, knowing how to negotiate, working in a team, directing people or the ability to establish positive relationships with different environments are Personal Competences that we need to develop and that companies value more and more every day when deciding a candidate, promoting their collaborators internally or hiring professional services.



This program is organized in thematic modules of short duration, which offer, from a practical and experiential perspective, the tools and training in 6 key skills that will allow attendees to better defend their professional development.

1. Empowerment and personal management

  •     Personal skills and professional development
  •     How to guide one's own development
  •     Empowerment and self-leadership
  •     Establish and manage objectives
  •     Time Management: Focusing on Results

 2. Emotional intelligence in the company

  •     Self-knowledge processes and control of the impulses
  •     Applications of emotional intelligence in the world of the company
  •     Regulate one's emotions and ponder one's states internal
  •     Positive management of emotions at work

3. Interpersonal communication and negotiation: how to establish positive relationships

  •     Principle for achieving favourable agreements
  •     How to overcome the most common blockages in a negotiation
  •     Negotiation as a factor that integrates interests and customer loyalty
  •     Associated communication skills: empathy and active listening
  •     Keys to developing assertiveness
  •     Assertive tactics in face-to-face behaviour
  •     Habitual conflict situations and their response.

 4. Public communication: how to make impact presentations

  •     Keys to present and communicate our projects
  •     Good practices in public communication
  •     Stage fright and its treatment
  •     The voice and its correct use
  •     How to convey a positive image in public

 5. Teamwork: how to coordinate effectively with others

  •     Creating synergy: the benefits of teamwork vs. individual work
  •     How to contribute to the construction of work teams
  •     The benefits of collaboration vs. competition
  •     Communication as a team facilitator
  •     Overcoming Team Conflicts

 6. Leading and managing people: how to lead effectively

  •     Leadership roles: vision, involvement and motivation
  •     Leadership and motivation of teams and people
  •     Basic leadership skills
  •     Functions of the leader in team leadership
  •     Communication skills in the leadership role
  •     Leadership styles


PROFESSOR: Josep Ma. Colomer

Degree in Information Sciences, Master in Neurolinguistic Programming. Professor in the Department of Business Organisation at the UPC. Trainer and consultant for companies in executive development.

Dates of teaching

Days: 1 to 4 and 15 to 18 July
Timetable: from 17:30 h to 21:30 h

Price of the course

640 €

For more information and registration, please contact us:

650 705 618 - 934 015 942