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Spain is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and the 8th largest in the world. Despite the importance of the sector for our economy, specialised and high-level training related to vehicle design, development and manufacture has traditionally been fragmented and characterised by a prominently theoretical approach.

The Master in Bodywork and Automotive Materials (CARMAT) was born with the vocation of offering training with a clearly practical approach and aimed at the rapid professional development of its students, both recent graduates and professionals who wish to progress within the sector. Its teaching method is based on "learning by doing" and the development of personal and professional skills. Thus, the student is faced with a case, to develop throughout the academic year, which requires the presentation of results, teamwork, creativity and commitment, trying to simulate the environment and way of working of a real company in the sector.

The practical learning is based on and complemented by unique theoretical contents, developed entirely by professionals in the sector, which show the latest techniques and technologies used by leading companies in the industry. Thanks to them, throughout the postgraduate course the student delves in detail into the methodologies, tools and key concepts for the design, development and manufacture of the parts and components that make up the body of a vehicle.

Finally, and thanks to our close collaboration with SEAT, places are offered for CARMAT students, who do not work, to carry out remunerated stays at the SEAT Technical Centre. During their stay, students have the possibility of extending and putting into practice the knowledge acquired in class, as well as extending their network of professional contacts in the sector.



The aim of CARMAT is to train people to be able to successfully develop their professional activity in the fields of design, development and manufacture of car bodies. To achieve this goal, CARMAT has the following specific objectives:

  1. Know in detail all the components of the body of a car, its technical requirements, materials, design and systemic compatibility, as well as its validation processes.
  2. Know the organization, actors involved, processes and phases of the project to put a vehicle on the market.
  3. Offer theoretical and practical training, through CATIA v5, for the optimal design and development of the different components and parts that make up the body of the vehicle.
  4. Know the simulation tools widely used in the sector.
  5. Acquire knowledge for the setting of personal and professional objectives, and the development of creative and innovative solutions.
  6. Develop skills of self-leadership, teamwork and resolution of complex problems.

Study and learn by working

Students enrolled in CARMAT, who do not carry out a professional activity, at the same time as the course, can apply, if they so wish, for a paid stay at SEAT. The stay lasts from 6 to 8 months and is part of our "Study and Practice" job placement program. Students who participate in this program will do internships in a department of the Technical Center or in the SEAT production plant, under the supervision of a tutor, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from Monday to Friday. The selection process is the responsibility of the company.


Contents of CARMAT   

  1.     Present and future of the automotive sector 2 ECTS
  2.     Design and Concept 4 ECTS
  3.     Catia V5 7 ECTS
  4.     Materials and Manufacturing Processes 5 ECTS
  5.     Draft structure 5 ECTS
  6.     5 ECTS bodywork exterior parts project
  7.     Internal Finishing Project 5 ECTS
  8.     Simulation and Virtual Reality 5 ECTS
  9.     Passive Safety and Homologation 5 ECTS
  10.     Personal and Professional Competences 2 ECTS

In addition to the indicated contents, all the students must carry out during the course a project in group that consists of the conceptual development and in CATIA of a real piece of a vehicle (15 ECTS)


To whom it is addressed

Students with degrees from Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science, or similar, undergraduate or postgraduate. Also to professionals with experience in the automotive sector who wish to progress in their professional career.

People with foreign qualifications must accredit a level of training equivalent to state qualifications, and which entitles them to access postgraduate studies. In order to do so, the Equivalence of the Degree must be requested from the postgraduate address. Admission to CARMAT does not mean the homologation of the previous degree.

Degree obtained

Own Master's degree issued by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Price and discounts

The price is €6,500 for the full master's degree.


5% - UPC Alumni Members

10% - Alumni premium members or collegiate graduates

Discounts are not cumulative. There is a policy of discounts for companies that register their workers, as well as the possibility of benefiting from subsidies from the tripartite foundation.


Course start date: October 2, 2019

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 17:30 to 21:30 (Thursday: special sessions and tutorials)

ETSEIB. Av. Diagonal, 647 Planta 10. 08028- Barcelona.




Phones: 650 705 618  and  93 401 5942 (afternoon)


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