Project methodology

Project management services offered by GIIP

The Project Engineering Methodology working group researches, works and teaches on "project science" (Technology Platform under construction).

A project is a goal-oriented process that requires a non-intuitive working methodology and an appropriate methodology for generating and managing group knowledge. It also requires technological, scientific, social, etc. knowledge and working tools, common with other disciplines, available at the time when the  project is being carried out and are constantly changing and evolving.

We have developed a methodology, which we call Project Design Methodology (PDM), which is useful for research, for professional application and for teaching projects. The PDM helps and guides in decision making, especially in the ideation and design phase of the project. It focuses on research and analysis of the requirements of the people who will participate (voluntarily) and those who will be affected (involuntarily) by the project.

Among other decisions the PDM guides us on the following:

  •     Investigation of the real problem in order to concretize the objective of the project.
  •     How to manage knowledge: tacit, consciously acquired and generated during the project.
  •     Anticipation of human and machine failures and how to manage them in the project.
  •     Identification of project governance and forecast actions
  •     Communication planning and fault forecasting


Some examples of the work we have developed are:

  •     Reassignment of the logistic network of a distribution company in the HORECA sector (Hotels, restaurants and cafeterias).
  •     "Value engineering" and its integration into the process of developing car components in a Technical Centre of a car factory in Catalonia.
  •     Redesign of the X-Ray diffraction service.
  •     Method for the elaboration of the Logical Framework.
  •     Development and management of research groups in the network.