Spanish Network of Light Pollution Studies (REECL)

Spanish Network of Light Pollution Studies (REECL)

The REECL brings together the different research groups on light pollution working in Spain to facilitate communication with a view to enhancing collaboration between them.

In order to meet their objectives, help was requested to finance meetings and meetings to present results and share methods and also for the exchange of researchers.

The main objective of the network is to create a thematic network that brings together researchers studying light pollution in Spain.

Some of the tasks we are working on:

  • Organization of communication channels within the network. There is a mailing list and apart from the face-to-face meetings, others are carried out by videoconference.
  • Preparation of the channels of dissemination and contact with the media. The web portal serves as a repository of information on our research activities (scientific publications), teaching (doctoral theses) and dissemination. We communicate through the personal accounts of members of the REECL on Twitter. The most important activities in which members of the REECL participate are shown as news. We currently have established contacts with the media we contact by providing press releases.
  • Definition of measurement standards. Establishment of protocols. Several groups of the REECL are carrying out measurements according to methods that we have developed within the network.
  • Creation of databases on sky background brightness and other relevant parameters. The REECL maintains the Spanish network of SQM photometers for sky brightness monitoring. The data are stored in the Spanish Virtual Observatory SVO.
  • Coordination with light pollution associations. There is continuous interaction with citizen associations and other groups and research projects in our field. They can be consulted in the links page.
  • Extraction of the implications related to environmental legislation at state, regional and local levels. The aim is to maintain a page as a repository of links to the different legislation in force to serve as information.